Monday, July 30, 2007


This last week we took some time off to do some playing! It was well deserved and much needed, and how lucky were we that everyone in my family was able to spend this time together? On Monday we went to Lagoon-and that was actually a blast! Despite the heat-we all managed to go on some good rides and even spent some time at the water park. Adyson was a little too scared for the rides but she loves the carousel and so did Sienna. Sienna pretty much laughed through the whole ride. Adyson had a lot of fun eating the treats and spending the whole day outside though. Heathers kids really enjoyed the rides this year and Trayson was a little dare devil! That kid loved the rides and I don't think he was scared at all. Travis dragged me on the new ride wicked, and I give it 2 thumbs up but I was scared to death-and also managed to lose my new sunglasses on that ride! Here are some great pics of the kids enjoying day 1 of our mini-vacation.
In order-Brielle, Simon, Adyson, Sienna, Breje, Trayson and Kutter. Aren't they the cutest cousins!

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Heather Wolfley said...

You got better pictures at Lagoon than I did. It really does look like we were having fun, doesn't it?