Saturday, December 3, 2011

{Rockin' the Halls}

This little lady of mine LOVES to read.
She spends every single night reading in bed
after we tuck her in, and usually she begs for
'just a few more pages...".

Adyson's been working hard to earn
AR points for rewards in school.
She earned lunch with the principal a while back-
(pizza and CANDY!),
and Friday she earned the chance to
Last time they did it she was only 2 points away,
so she was excited!
What is rocking the halls you ask?
It's when the whole school stands in the hall
and cheers as you break the rules and run
through the halls (led by the principal)
to the tune of
"We will Rock you."

Here's a little sideways video for you,
if you care to watch.

Sienna was really excited to be able to
cheer her sister on, and I'm pretty sure
it inspired her to earn those AR points
so she can run through the halls too.
What fun!
We really are so proud of Adyson for
being such a great reader and mostly
for loving it so much.
Adyson's such a smart little lady!

And this portion of the post is dedicated to my sis Heather,
who has been begging to see the girls friends Christmas gifts,
and I've been promising to post them for a good month now.
We love to do a cute gift for the girls friends,
so they can see how good it feels to give.
The problem is that they have quite a few friends..
and it can get pricey. This year we found these
adorable snowman printables here, and opted to
wrap them around 8 oz. jars filled with candy instead
of candy bars or popcorn.
They turned out really cute! The hats are gloves. (One stuffed inside the other).
So...for those of you who have little girls who play with
my little girls...sorry we ruined the surprise!:)


Jill said...

oh rockin the halls is a HUGE deal. good for adyson! we rock to who let the dogs out. but then you probably know since your mom works there. anyways, love the snowman! you are so creative!

Trisha said...

Man, what a cool school to let them run in the halls!

The Wolfley Family said...

I totally needed that today -- thanks sis!
I always think your girls rock!