Tuesday, December 27, 2011

{Christmas Eve Eve}

This year my side of the family celebrated
Christmas on Christmas Eve-Eve.
It was such a great way to kick off the Holiday!
The ladies were quiet excited to see their cousins!
They played all day long on Friday taking full
advantage of the parents being busy preparing
for the party and tearing Grandmas house apart!

At one point during the day Jody jokingly told
Sienna he was gonna take her on a date to get
some ice-cream.
(He was craving a root beer float and thought
he'd tease her in the process.)
Little does he know,
our kid will do pretty much
for ice-cream.
30 seconds after he said that she came running
into the kitchen and said
"I've got my shoes on, Let's go!"
It was too cute. She's so lucky to have such
great uncles.He took her to get her ice-cream and brought
some back for all the kids.
And a few hours later we were ready to party!
For the Johnson family,
a party is all about the food!

Crab Wontons
7 Layer dip
Cranberry-jalepeno dip
Southwestern eggrolls
Stuffed mushrooms
Mexican ranch dip

Yes, we ate good and were stuffed the rest of the weekend!

Cody and Amy looking good.
Jody and Heather. Aww.
T and I.
Wish I would have gotten a pic of my parents! Grandma let the kids have a picnic in her front room and they were thrilled.Then came games.
The kids loved the race to pull the napkins out
of the box.
(Thanks Bishop for teaching us that one!)

Lucy LOVED the mess!And rolled each other up with TP.
Brielle enjoyed it!
And then it was present time!!
The kids were so excited for their first gifts of the year.
And they were spoiled, like always.My mom made them these darling skirts.
I adore them!
Aren't they fabulous?

The next day we had a little farewell dinner before they took off
for home. Me and Breezy in our purple jackets.
Love this kid!
We came home to prepare for our Kidman Christmas Eve
and found that Mrs. Claus hadn't forgot our tradition.
Each year she surprises the girls with a cute little outfit to
wear on Christmas Eve, and they were so excited to see her gifts
under the tree! Since they were already dressed they saved
them for Christmas day, but I think they were pretty happy
she remembered them.It was a great time with the Johnson clan.
We are so blessed with a great family!

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