Thursday, December 29, 2011

{Christmas Day}

Christmas morning we awoke to signs that Santa came!
He always leaves the ladies slippers on the stairs with candy inside...
but this year there was a lump of coal in there!
They weren't sure if that was a bad sign or not...
And before the ladies came downstairs I noticed that
the Twix and DP were gone!
Here they are, sleep in their eyes waiting
to go downstairs. Just a little excited!

The stockings.
Santa stuffs our stocking very, very full.
It is his (and my) favorite part of Christmas.
Each year we seem to stretch the stockings just a bit.
Crazy hair.
Sleep in her eyes.
Still pretty darn beautiful.
Love the wonder in Ady's eyes over an umbrella!
She cracks me up!Santa numbered their gifts, and here they are opening #1.
They asked for video camera's this year...
and were a little confused when they opened this gift.
Adyson yelled "A phone!!:
No, she did not get a phone.
But Santa did give them ipod touches.
(Dad had some serious influence here because mom
wasn't super excited about it.)
But, they were a hit, and have continued to be since then.
They are in love.

And Adyson gave Sienna her second favorite gift of the year.
Pop the Pig.
She's been asking for it for a good year,
and has played it about 100 times since.
And in return, Adyson got this fun barbie tent from Roo.
They've had a blast with it all!

I didn't take many pictures this year, because we were just enjoying it all
so much, but we all got way too spoiled, and enjoyed the morning so much.

We enjoyed church after opening gifts. I wish Christmas would
fall on a Sunday every year. It was so nice to dedicate that hour to what
was truly meant to be celebrated. I wish it happened every year!
(Not to mention how much I loved seeing all of our ward family on Christmas Day.
We really love them all!)

We spent the rest of the day at my parents eating too much food
and watching the kids play.
It was just so lovely!!


Mortons Love said...

Looks like a great Christmas! Wow!! Ipod touches! You are going to laugh at a post I'll be doing soon about how very un-tech our family is!

Jill said...

fun for your girls to get ipod touches! i don't think my kids know what they are. i'm sure soon enough they will. :) love the slippers on the stairs. your girls are adorable!