Sunday, November 27, 2011


...Of our Thanksgiving weekend.

We decorated the downstairs tree on
Tuesday. This is the tree we let
the ladies loose on.

I heard Sienna say-
"And for the finishing touch"...
5 times.
It had lots, and lots, and lots
of finishing touches on it. :)

Thanksgiving Day
(and really, the whole weekend),
was spent at my parents house
with my entire family.
It was lovely to have everyone there-
and just what we all needed.
I really am so grateful for a
family who really always understands
what we are going through,
who makes us laugh-always,
and to let the cousins enjoy
each other all weekend long.

Brielle and Roo.
Are they really only 1 year apart??

Oreo Turkeys.
I tried to get a picture of Sienna,
and Ellie and Kutter snuck in.

Kutter just turned 8 and is now a Scout.
Quite possibly the proudest Scout ever.
He made Simon and Adyson each their own
paper kerchief. So cute.



2 Stooges.

There was a lot of board games going on.

Even Lucy got in on the action.
The boys playing Risk.
It gets loud, and ugly.
And Amy, who always works her tail off
on Thanksgiving, got the day off to relax.
It was so, so great to have her there.

Me and the ladies.
So grateful for them.
When the cousins left and we could finally drag
our kids home, they found a pretty exciting surprise
waiting for them.

Skeeter is back!!
Do you see him?

Take a closer look.
Here he is sitting on our chandelier.
The ladies couldn't have been happier.We ended the weekend
by decorating the upstairs tree.
It looks like Christmas over here!
I am so excited already!


Trisha said...

Everything is ever so lovely. I love seeing your family!

The Wolfley Family said...

Man, I wished we lived there!
You make us look so fun!