Monday, December 26, 2011

The week before Christmas:

We opened some darling presents from friends.
Cutest headbands ever.

Went to our favorite Christmas party
at my Grandpa Oenes' home.

Somebody wasn't too thrilled about
the new sweater his mom picked out...

We were able to kick off the Holidays
with our favorite people.

And this one kept us smiling all night long.
Love that hubs of mine.And Sienna entertained us with her Christmas
program at school. She was adorable.
(Sure wish I could upload a video, but it's just not working for me!)And then Adyson had her Tavaci program.
She looked beautiful, and dazzled us with her singing.
She was in a special number this year and it was
the cutest thing ever...
You will have to trust me because the videos are still. Not. Working.
To come: Christmas Eve Eve-Christmas Eve-And Christmas Day.
And all the other goodness since then.

How is it already over?

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