Tuesday, December 13, 2011

{All I want for Christmas}

The Tooth Fairy has been
This last week our little Roo
lost her first tooth!
Brave little thing let her
Uncle Cody pull it out for
her without any tears.

She couldn't wait to go
to school and show her friends her
'jack-o-lantern' smile.
Isn't that the sweetest little tooth?
The Tooth Fairy did deliver and she was thrilled.And the next day at school Adyson lost her
another tooth.
She was pretty excited that she lost it at school
and that she could come home and surprise us all.
Love this crazy smile picture.So the Tooth Fairy came again.
2 nights in a row.
She's out of money-in case you were wondering.


Jenny said...

So what's the going rate for the tooth fairy nowadays?

Eileen said...

Silly girls. And delicious.

Trisha said...

Both of them are so.darn.cute!

Chanelle said...

I think the tooth fairy stopped at our house the same night she came to yours! She HAS been busy. And I love what Ady's teacher did, so cute.

Melissa Hernandez said...

So fun! I love their little grins, and they look so stinkin cute in their Christmas best-they seriously can't get any cuter, love it!!!