Wednesday, December 28, 2011

{Christmas Eve}

Christmas Eve was spent with the Kidman clan.
The kids were all so excited to get to the presents and party,
but I was able to get them to pose for a quick picture.
We ate dinner and then Grandma broke out her stack of games.
We played the usual 7-11 game with loads of candy.
Travis may-or may not have, hid all the Reeses Peanut butter cups....
The ladies were thrilled with our bounty!
We were in the middle of another game (Guesstures),
when the doorbell rang.
Tiff went to answer it and was quite surprised when Santa
came barreling in!
The kids eyes about popped right out of their heads.
It was so much fun.Each of the grand kids sat on his lap and he
chatted with them all for a few minutes and
then gave them a gift. And then he pulled out gifts for the adults too!
It's been a while since T and I have sat on Santa's lap.
So funny.
All the grand kids thanking Santa before he left to get his sleigh and
deliver the gifts. He made them promise to go to bed early!After Santa left we played the usual pass the present game,
where a story is read and you pass the gift left or right when it's
said in the story. Well, Sienna started out with a gift she didn't
want to give up...and she very quietly tried to pass the other gifts while
holding onto hers. She really thought we didn't notice,
but we were all laughing so hard we were almost crying.
It was too cute!
Somehow I missed taking pictures of the kids opening gifts,
but rest assured, they got VERY spoiled and loved every second of it.
(As did T and I).
It was a lovely night.

We came home to open the traditional Christmas Eve PJ's.
After a quick bath Sienna tried them on and
was pretty happy about them....Adyson's fit wasn't quite as good.
Somehow the store sold us a size 7 top, with size 10 bottoms.
So funny. We tried to teach her the hammer dance before bed.Dr. Pepper and Twix left out for Santa,
Our version of Cookies and Milk.
A reading of the Nativity from the Bible.
And bed.
Sienna was asleep in seconds.
Adyson-hours. I kid you not. Hours.

Christmas Eve is by far my favorite part of the Holiday.
So sad it's over!!

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Eileen said...

Awwww. You warmed my heart. And I love the pic of you and Santa.

Really much.