Sunday, June 5, 2011

{Summer Time!}

Adyson went and graduated from 1st grade
last week.
Making me a mother to a 2nd grader!
I know you are all sick of hearing
about how crazy it is to me that my kids
are growing
but I just can't get over it!

Adyson adored her teacher this year and
learned so much. She is a really amazing
reader and has excelled this year in so many ways and
graduated with all top marks.

The night before her last day of school she drew
her teacher a card and I forgot to get a picture of it,
but for memories sake I must document it.

It said:
Dear Mrs Fullmer,
You teach us about math and reading
and rocks and science, but most of all
you teach us about friendship.

(Yes adorable. And I now see that she inherited my love
of all things cheesy.)

We are so proud of you Adyson and can't wait to
see what you will do in 2nd grade!

We are now ready to start having some summer fun!
This weekend was full of yard work,
running through the sprinklers,
and tonight we had our first marshmallow roast.

It was lovely.
And by the time we came in at 10:00 tonight
we had a backyard full of neighbors, treats, and laughter
making my heart feel full and happy that we live in
such a great place.

Now just teach me how to keep my kids
from fighting all summer long and I will be
one happy mother!


Our Family said...

If you find the secret to the "no-fighting-thing", let me know!
Looks like fun roasting marshmallows! Bring on summertime :)

Jill said...

i couldn't agree more, my kids are already about to drive me crazy. it must be the ages.