Thursday, June 16, 2011

{Summer Checklist #29 & #4}

Last week we made a checklist of things we
wanted to do this summer.
(Cuz summer is looong and I need to entertain the ladies somehow.)
I'm hoping to document our checklist along the way.

Ding Dong Ditch with Ding-Dongs.
Found the idea here.

The girls were so excited for this, and it ended up
being a hoot.

They chose to go to take them to our
dear friends the Mullens, who live just
a block away.

So we drove over there just to see the ENTIRE
family outside.


We chatted and they looked at us like
we were crazy for driving around at 9:30 at night,
while sick,
and in our pj's.


We told them to please, just go inside-
then drove around the block again
and let the ladies go at it.

They had a plan-
1-Adyson was to set the ding-dongs down.
2-Sienna was to ring the bell.
3-The ladies were to run to the 'getaway car.'

Well, Adyson set the box down
and Sienna knocked.

And they ran.
But Adyson was almost in tears
because Sienna was supposed to ring
the bell and knocked instead!

It was classic Kidman drama.
Adyson likes things done
the right way. And Sienna
just goes with the flow.

It was really fun though.

They are already plotting who to get next!
(And I can blog about it because I'm pretty sure those smart Mullens figured it out.)

Have a Pajama Party.

Um, a day where we stay in our pj's all day.
And don't do our hair...

We ate pancakes for lunch.

And ventured to the dollar store in our uglies
to get a craft (for fathers day...shhhh).

I could do a few more days just like this.
I adore my pj's!


Eileen said...

I would love to see the whole list.
Am I too old to have a jammie's day?

Hanne and Fam said...

Don't you just love that Lexi is in the middle of your pajama day. I think she would love to change her last name to Kidman! Thanks for letting her crash your lazy day.

Trisha said...

What a great idea!

The Wolfley Family said...

You are definately the cutest girls ever!

Hiatts said...

oh my, I love that idea! We are going to make a summer checklist today! i think the kids will love it.