Sunday, June 26, 2011

{#15, #25}

Color a big sign that says 'Welcome Home Daddy!'

My mom watched them the other day while I ran to the
store and knocked this one out while I was gone.
They had so much fun making it,
and they couldn't wait for T to come home to see it.

It was uber windy when we went to hang it,
so we layed it on the garage floor..
whatever works, right?

Simon, Roo, Ads, and Lexi.And some pictures, just cause they are adorable.{#25}

Go to a movie.

We saw Rio, and loved it.
(This picture was taken at Lowes, just after the movie).

The checklist is getting smaller,
but the ones left are getting harder to check off.
I'm really hoping we can get it done...

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The Hoths said...

I think I need a copy of this checklist....sound like tons of fun!!