Saturday, June 11, 2011

{All I want for Christmas}

Adyson has had her two front teeth
loose for the past month.

She'd wiggle them,
and wiggle them,
but would not let
us get anywhere near them to
yank them out.

We tried.
Trust me,
we tried.

Last week she and Sienna had their
regular checkup at the dentist.
He saw those babies, and just yanked them right out.
Adyson sat up and looked at me with her cute
little toothless smile,
and I said "Adyson, your teeth are gone!"
And she said,
"They are?"

And then a few minutes later told me how bad it hurt...
Little drama queen.

Here is her goofy new smile.
Love this kid of mine!

And we all know the best part of loosing your
teeth is a visit from the tooth fairy.

Stay tuned. At her checkup last week
we scheduled an apt for this week to
get 2 more pulled, poor thing.

I wonder if she will ever lose a tooth like most kids do,
at home. So far it's always been at the dentist.


The Hoths said...

So cute! I love it! Tell her that I feel for her...I had 9 teeth pulled when I was little cause my mouth was too small for them all. It is no fun! We drove by your house today...your backyard is every kids dream! It looks so nice!

The Wolfley Family said...

I'm so glad they're FINALLY out! She looks so darn cute, maybe she shouldn't grow them back?!