Monday, May 30, 2011

{Kindergarten Bound, Crazy Hair Day, and a Quick Trip}

Someone tell me
in the world the last 2 years went
because this little lady is
with pre-school.
And moving on

(1st day of pre-school 09')(1st day of pre-school 10')

I feel
And a lot
excited for her...
and a little
for me.

Sienna has had such a fun year
and learned so much and is
excited to be a

We will sincerely miss
Teacher T,
who has been a big part of our lives
for the past 4 years.
We adore her.

Adyson's class earned a
crazy hair, pajama day read-a-thon
at school last week.

She got home and I got her in the bath
before I realized we had taken a picture,
so here is a random few shots for ya.

We opted for a faux hawk,
and, apparently, to the other 1st graders,
it was a hit!
Cute huh!

We headed to my
lovely sisters house this weekend in
celebration of Brielle and Breje's Birthdays.

My kids were ecstatic!
They love going to Heather's house,
and even think it's worth the

Adyson and Kutter
were pretty much inseparable.
They spent the whole weekend playing
and I saw them for a total of 5 minutes.

I dread the day they realize that
he is
and she is

But for now they make it work,
and it's heartwarming.

I tried really hard to get a good picture of them,
but it was darn near

Saturday we took Breje shopping and to lunch to celebrate
her turning 14 (how did that happen?).
We left Adyson home with Kutter
(because heaven forbid we separate them),
and took Brielle and Sienna shopping with us.
They are such sweet friends and fit in with us
big girls just fine. ;)

They spent the time browsing through magazines
and eating as many cookies as we would let them
before stuffing them with lunch at the cheesecake factory.

It was a lovely weekend, and so nice to be
with my sister and her gorgeous kids again.
Now it's back to reality! One more week of school before
summer starts....I wonder if it will stop raining anytime soon?


Trisha said...

I feel the same way about the past two years...they have flown by way too fast!

Darling family.

Jill said...

i can't believe how big sienna looks. crazy. lets pray for the rain to stop.

The Wolfley Family said...

Your kids are so cheesy and photogenic! I wish you could come back again this weekend!

Eileen said...


[from warm and sunny St. George]

It's OK if you need to hate me for a lil' bit.

Well. Who knows. Maybe it's warm and sunny in CV. No?