Thursday, June 23, 2011

{Fathers Day, #5, #28 & #30 }

Fathers Day weekend was lovely.
We were able to see both of our
fabulous dads,
eat delicious food,
and lounge around cuddling.
The ladies made T huge cards,
loads of candy,
and lots of rounds of he was thrilled.

I asked to get a picture of them...
and silly girls that they are,
this is what I got.But I finally got them to stop playing long enough for
a half decent one.And a smoochy one too.
The ladies adore their Daddy,
and I do too.
We are very, very lucky.

Stay up till Midnight.

This one was a tough one for
me to follow through with.
I love my kids going to bed
early, and I love a schedule.

But, it was on the list....
So we let a friend sleepover.

And we stayed up late watching a movie.
And then showed them the clock,
and they were thrilled!Then, we tucked them into bed,
and Travis fixed the clock back to it's
actual time.

Yep. We totally lied to our kids.
In our defense it was still 11:00,
which is extremely late for the ladies.

Stop judging.
Take cookies to someone, just because.

We baked the yummiest oatmeal
chocolate chip cookies ever.
They chose to give them to my mom's neighbors
who they adore, and who are moving shortly.
It was fun. :)

(Do you adore the make-up?)
Go on a picnic.

The ladies complained about %90 of the time
that it was too hot.
Next time, we will find more shade!


Hanne and Fam said...

Oh, this made me laugh! You guys are so sneaky. Lexi came home so proud that she had stayed up until 12:08.

Eileen said...

You made me LOL! That is rare. [while at the computer]

Just for the record. I LOL a lot.

Just rarely at the computer.

So there.

The Wolfley Family said...

Some things, like picnics, are much better in theory, Yes?

Lying to your kids is often a good idea. No judging here!

Jill said...

nice trick with the clock. i'm doing that for new year's from now on!
where are your girls taking golf lessons??? i really want my kids to take but i didn't know where. i'm sure your girls will be naturals with that Kidman golf jean.