Saturday, June 18, 2011

{Dentist-Morning Routine-Summer Jars}


Adyson got 2 more teeth pulled
at the Dentist the other day,
making a grand total of 8 teeth
pulled in his office.
I was really proud of how brave she was.
And the tooth fairy even left a note this time!

She now dons the name
'toothless doofis'.
(How do you spell doofis anyways?)

We dig her.


I really want to keep Adyson
reading every day during the summer.
Each night when she gets in bed she reads a
few books before falling asleep.
And it's started a little routine between the ladies.
Each morning when Sienna wakes up,
she crawls in bed with Adyson and wakes her up,
and Adyson reads her the books she has
from the night before on her nightstand.

I cannot tell you how much I love this.
They spend a good half hour snuggling,
reading, and playing nice
before the day begins.

It is such a beautiful way to start the day!

{Summer Jars}

We decided to make some fun summer memory jars
to store some of our favorite summer moments in.

I got 2 regular Mason Jars and dumped out my
entire bag of Ribbon odds and ends.
The ladies loved sifting through them
and picking their favorites.
After we found their favorites we cut a circle out of
white card stock to put on the lid of the jar,
and they colored whatever they desired.

Then we put it all together.


The plan is to throw our keepsakes
{movie tickets, pine cones, swimming bracelets, sea-shells}
from some of our favorite activities inside
so we can remember all the fun we've had.They turned out darling, I think.
And I think the ladies will love filling them up.

(These weren't on our checklist this year, but certainly will be next year!)


Eileen said...

Still waiting to see the whole checklist......

Have fun in YW today!

RS will be sad and lonely.

Trisha said...

You are such a good mom!

Regan and Mandy Hoth said...

That is such a cute idea!! However I think you may need bigger jars with all of the cute things you do with your girls. Yo are such a cute mom!!

Jill said...

love this idea. i'm totally doing it. poor adyson i hope the toothfairy was very generous.

Justin & Ashlee said...

The memory jar is such a great idea. Rylee is always wanting to pick up seashells and sticks and all different things where we go. I love it! It will definitely be on our summer list next year :)