Monday, May 9, 2011

{Mothers Day}

Mothers Day I woke up to
A beautiful card from Adyson
(with a pin she made in school),
A darling picture frame Sienna made in school,
A Cold Dt. coke and gifts from T,
breakfast I didn't have to make (or clean up!),
and most importantly lots of hugs from my
little ladies and a kiss or 2 from my Trav.

I just can't say how blessed I felt the entire day.
I am
to be their
I'm so thankful.
So thankful for my own amazing mom who still
sets a beautiful example for me to follow, and taught me
how to be a friend-and a mom to my kids.
And for my mil, who raised Travis to be the fabulous father/hubs he is.
For my Grandmas, who I miss daily.
For my sisters, who are also my best of friends, and amazing examples.
For my girlfriends, who are beautiful, beautiful people.

I love a day where we can celebrate the women in our lives!
I hope you all had a beautiful day.

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Kylene said...

Lovely picture. Lovely girls.

shelly said...

You all look gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

You are all so beautiful!

Melissa Hernandez said...

sounds like you were spoiled..that's the way its suppose to be!! Cute cute picture!!

The Wolfley Family said...

Can I just comment on how hot you are? Seriously!
And I'm totally stoked that my butterflies rock!