Tuesday, May 3, 2011

{Mustard Yellow}

I've become slightly obsessed with the color
Mustard Yellow.

Really, I'm obsessed.
I buy any clothing item in that color I can find.
My purse is that color...
And I've been in the market for a yellow cardigan for months.
and I needed to pull some of it into my home.

So I painted my front table first...
This is a big deal friends.
But decided it wasn't enough...
so my
talented and creative and
friend Eileen
helped me out.
I wanted a vingette of frames and mirrors
and we found some great ones at the DI.
The white one was hilarious (It's actually a mirror),
but it had light pink stitching on it and there was still
a kiss mark on the mirror.
It was awful.

But after a coat (or 2) (or 3), of mustard paint-
they look brand new.
I added a 'K' that I had on another wall because I
needed to fill just a little more space.
I love it!
Now that I know how to spray paint things,
I have all sorts of ideas floating around in my brain.
(Shhh, don't tell Trav).

Thanks Eileen for your help!
What would I do without you??


Our Family said...

Look at my cute crafty friend! I love that color :) Looks like you have found your new calling in life...

Eileen said...

I.Love.It! Look at you. You are a crafter! Don't deny.

When are we going thrifting again?

KIRSTEN said...

Very cute! I will donate my birth stone to you ... mustard yellow :)

The Wolfley Family said...

I have been looking for cute frames and mirrors everywhere to do something similar and found NADA! Mine wouldn't have been nearly as fabulous, so I'm cool.

Spray paint is awesome!

Jamie said...

So cute Hayley! And...you're not a crafter?! I am shocked at this news! I always thought you were?!

Melissa Hernandez said...

I LOOVVE mustard, I have it everywhere in my house..blankets, candles...i can't get enough of it either...it's a color that is underutilized (is that how you spell it?) I LOVE your new table...cute cute!!

Jenny said...

I have a serious hankering to do me some crafting now! But like you, I need a real crafty friend... it's safer than venturing out on my own.

Melissa said...

Hayley, I don't know if you remember me, I was a barson... Any who, I check out your blog once in a while stealthfully. Until today. I had to tell you that di mirror with the pink bows and kiss marks were mine!!! We recently donated all my decor from my childhood room! And that beaut was mine! Haha. It was from home interior circa 1987. This just made my day!