Sunday, May 15, 2011

{Weekend Update}

This weekend has been eventful!
(It seems like this time of year EVERY weekend is eventful!)
But it was full of goodness.
It just went by too fast!

I woke up bright and early to run the
Health Days 'Conquer the Canyon' race.

Me with friends Natalie and Chanelle.
Chanelle, Natalie, Candace, Courtney, and I.

After the race we played catch up in the house and yard.
And then got Sweet Roo ready for her big dance recital.

Yes, I want to nibble her a bit!
Isn't she adorable?
She did such a great job! We were all so proud of her.
She loves the spotlight. ;)
We topped the weekend off by flying some kites
in this windy weather.
Here's to wishing next weekend comes soon!


Trisha said...

You rocked the 5K! Hope you heard me cheering you in at the finish :)

Jill said...

sienna did such a good job. you had perfect seats. we were on the wrong side. i wanted to tell you how skinny you look! guess i need to start running.

The Wolfley Family said...

Man, I hate missing all that good stuff! I was there in spirit. For all of it!