Monday, May 9, 2011

{7 Year Old Gift Guide}

This year Adyson got some really fun and
amazing gifts for her Birthday.

Over the past few weeks we have had so much
fun playing with her gifts.

My parents gave her a Science kit.
(Which was right up her ally.
Remember last year she asked
for a microscope.)

We mixed color tubes:

Experimented mixing colors:

And Made Snow:

This gift gets an A!
We had fun for a good week straight doing experiments
and the kids just loved every second of it.

My sister got her a butterfly kit.
We got 5 tiny little caterpillars
and watched them grow into
big ugly caterpillars, and then
and then beautiful butterflies!
It was really amazing to watch them
change, and fascinating to
see them let their wings dry and
learn to fly.

We kept them for a few weeks
(while feeding them sugar water and oranges),
and then we finally decided to let them go.
Adyson's teacher was kind enough to let us bring
them to school and let them go in front of the kids.

Adyson was really sad to let them go,
but doing it in front of the kids helped her be tough.
All she wanted was for the butterfly to sit on her hand.

I told her not to get her hopes up.
She opened the cage and they didn't
want to leave their little home.
So she turned it upside down and shook it
till they finally came...
All but one.
One didn't want to come out,
so she reached it
and it crawled right on her hand,
making her dreams come true.

It was magic.

That butterfly hung out on her hand
for a good 5 minutes before we found a good
spot for them to make their home.

We are so doing this again next year!
Another A.
Trav and I got Adyson an

Basically it's a Make your own Story kit.
You write and illustrate your own story
and mail it back to them and they will publish it for her.
She had so much fun coming up with her own story
and drawing the pictures.And a few days ago it came, and it's so adorable!
We paid a few extra dollars so they wouldn't
fix her spelling errors, they just make it so sweet.

It's entitled
Gabreela (Gabriella) Moves.
It's about a little girl who has to move because
her dad gets a new job.

And she's a little nervis (nervous).
Don't worry, it has a happy ending.

Can't wait to see what she gets when she turns 8!


Kylene said...

I bought an "illustrator" for Hallie as well. I haven't given it to her yet (waiting for the right moment or need of bribery ;) It looks awesome! Thanks for sharing this gift guide. Hal has asked for the butterfly kit too but I didn't want it to flop and not work and break her heart so, thanks for the info.

Mortons Love said...

Looks like the best gifts ever! I need the Illustrator. Awesome!

Jill said...

im so glad you blogged about this. i wanted to try the book one and the butterfly but didn't dare! now i know. thanks! I love the picture of gabreela.