Tuesday, March 29, 2011

{Adyson's turns 7!}

This little lady went and turned 7.
And good gravy,
she was excited about it!We do Birthdays big 'round here.
What is better then a day to
She woke up to heart shaped cinnamon toast (her favorite breakfast).
And was surprised with a kids meal from
Wendy's (her VERY favorite)
as she walked down to the lunchroom.
Her friends were jeeealous.

We let her pick her restaurant of choice for dinner,
and of course she chose The Olive Garden.
It's Her most favorite of foods, and Travis isn't a fan,
so she used her b-day to her advantage and negotiated her way there.
Smart cookie.

She was extremely excited because Heather and Jody
were able to come visit and help us celebrate.
Just look at the overflowing table of gifts!

Opening her illustory from T and I.
I cannot wait to see what she comes up with!

The cousins. And I swear this is the only time you will ever see
Miss Lucy cry.

The next day we decided to celebrate with the Kidman
side of the family.
Adyson chose Caspers ice-cream.

Sienna was pretty happy about it.....

She chose an ipod cake.
Tell me, where are the days of princesses and teddy bears?
She grew up fast.
It still hurts.

Adyson, Rheagen, and Sienna.

Singing Happy Birthday.
Adyson is such a great kid. She is bright, beautiful, and unique.
She marches to the beat of her own drum, and I adore that about her.
She loves to learn and loves to create, and really loves to love.
She's sensitive and caring, with just the right amount of spunk (most of the time!).
We sure love this kid, and are so thankful she is ours.

But I sure wish time would slow down, because my little lady is
getting big, too quickly.


Eileen said...

That cake looks so fun! And so does everything else.

Kristin said...

I love that you guys do birthdays big! We are the same way! And love the Ipod cake :)

Jill said...

oh man 7. it sounds so old! in one year she'll be baptized! yikes! thats old. love her hat.

Candace said...

There is no other way to do a birthday in my opinion. Doing it big is the best and Adyson sure deserves it. We sure love that girl around here!

Letti said...

Happy Birthday Adyson.