Wednesday, March 16, 2011

{San Diego Wild Animal Park}

After our lovely time in Disneyland, we packed up and headed
to San Diego. I love the drive from Aneheim to San Diego,
it's green, and the ocean looks lovely, and each time we make the
trek I think I should live there....
(Your welcome for that random bit of info).

We first went to the Wild Animal Park.
I give it a C-.
It's a lot of walking.
But not a lot of seeing animals.
Except for that 15 minute bus ride.
Unless you want to pay $50 for a ride upgrade.
That being said, it was still a nice day and much better
then being stuck in the cold!
And we got some good pics to share....

The ladies. I love this shot.
Aren't they beautiful?!
This little lady is turning 7 in a week.
And I think you can see how grown up she is in this picture.
It's heartbreaking.
They did love the splash pad here and Sienna
could have played here all day.

Tiff, Lorraine, Larry, and Adyson.
Lovely Roo.

T, Me, and Roo.

We did love the up-close look at the
sleeping lion on the jeep.
Sienna managed to yell loud enough to make
him wake up.
We ended the night back at the pool
and the ladies became bathing beauties.

Somebody help me.
I'm raising divas.


Trisha said...

Their sunglasses are so great!

KIRSTEN said...

As I told Trisha who also has a vacation post ... I am vacationing through you all, and it looks like "we" had a blast ha ha!

I will have to remember not to worry about the Wildlife Park, once I move out there. And I will be out there by the end of summer, so your next visit ... we MIGHT just have to meet up :)