Thursday, March 17, 2011

{Sea World}

Our last day of vacation was spent at
Sea World. We LOVE Sea World.
First we grabbed some maps.
Then Sienna posed with hers, naturally.

Then we headed to the helicopter ride.
Everyone loved this one.
But me.
I was carsick 1 minute in.
Does that mean I'm getting old?
(Do not answer that!)

Then we headed to see the Polar Bears and Beluga Whales.
This is my favorite place in Sea World.
I love the Belugas.
And I love this picture of Roo.

A good chunk of my pictures from that day look just like the one below.
The ladies were enthralled with all there was to see.
And Adyson just soaks all the information in.
I think she may have a future working with sea life,
she just loves learning about it all.

Then we headed to see the dolphins. We didn't have as much
luck as last year, and the dolphins kind of kept to themselves.
The trainers did have them do a few tricks and that was great to see.
Then we headed to the Sea Lions Live show.
We really love that show, it's just so funny.

The man who warms up the crowd 'Biff', called T and I
out of the crowd with my camera. He then said he wanted to
take a picture of us...
but then he made T move over-
pulled a random dude out of the audience to stand by me-
and then pulled out a few random kids for our family portrait.
Cute eh?
My kids didn't find this too funny...

Then we headed to the tide pools to pick up some starfish.
They were amazed by this and I think could have stayed there all day,
but we had to fit in the dolphins show and the pet show.

But we had to move on to the Shamu show. A great way to end our day,
and our trip.

I now have the California blues and am trying hard to remember
how warm, green, and blue it was.
Spring cannot come soon enough!


Eileen said...

My feet are freezing! I wish your pics could warm me up. Shorts! Sandals! What was that like?

But your pics really do kinda warm me.


Linda said...

Our family LOVES Sea World as well. My boys would take it over Disneyland any day. You really need to take your girls to Discovery Cove in Florida! It is owned by Sea World and you get to swim with dolphins and snorkel with lots of fish and sting rays. Your girls would LOVE it in a few years. (You have to be 6 to swim with dophins!) Glad you had so much fun!

Mortons Love said...

Are you TRYING to torture us?
Looks awsomely fun!

Hiatts said...

Looks like you guys had such a great vacation! you give me the vacation blues! glad you had fun!

Haylee Munk Brown said...

This is what I miss most about living in San Diego! I could go to Sea World every day and not get tired of it!!