Sunday, March 13, 2011

These little piggies....

Got a little pampered.

In preparation for our trip to California
I took the ladies in for their first ever pedicure.

You would have thought I'd given them the moon
because they were soooo excited.

They sat there very proper, but all smiles.

Adyson had this exact look on her face the entire time.

They picked a pretty vibrant shade of magenta, and then topped it with
sparkles, natch.
They still haven't learned the lesson of 'less is more.'
But they looked pretty dang cute!

Coming up: A bazillion pictures of our family vacation. ;)


Eileen said...

How simply adorable!

Am I always the first to comment? It feels like it.

KIRSTEN said...

So CUTE! I think I get a bigger kick out of watching my ladies also get their toes done, then actually getting mine done. They get so excited!!

Our Family said...

What a good idea! I'm sure they just went nuts. You are such a good mom, my friend.

Hiatts said...

That looks like so much fun! Where did you take them?

Jill said...

glad to hear they loved it, that's what allie wants for her bday! smart girl.