Tuesday, April 5, 2011

{O Town}

Friday we headed into Ogden Canyon to
stay in some condos with Cody, Amy and their lovelies.
We did nothing but
lay around, eat, shop, play games, and watch movies
2 days straight.
It was lovely,
though somehow we all came home
feeling rather tired.

Could is possibly be because we had one
7 year old,
almost 5 year olds,
the cutest baby ever
echoing coughs at all hours of the night?

We did make a little excursion from our secluded
spot in the mountains to go to the dinosaur museum.
The ladies love it and were so very excited about it!
The ladies and Simon.
They were told to make their scariest faces.
You are scared...
aren't you?
(I love how Roo can't even manage a scary face.
It all ends up smiles.)

The fam.

They were in awe watching a man work on a fossil.
He opened his window and talked to them for like an hour.
They were in awe of everything he had to say,
especially Simon.
It was a very fun ending to a fabulous morning for them.
I'm already ready for another getaway!
And for warm weather...where is Spring?


Eileen said...


Oh. And I'm in love with those rain coats.


Letti said...

What a fun getaway. YOYour girls are adorable. Their smiles make me smile.

Candace said...

We need to go and see the dinosaurs; that looked fun! And seriously, were the heck is spring?!

Kellie said...

I agree....I love that "scary" face.

BTW, Spring is already in full force where I live.

Trisha said...

Today feels a little more like spring...

Glad you had a getaway too!

The Wolfley Family said...

As jealous as this makes me, I am so glad you guys got to go have fun together.

Tell Ady she scared me!