Saturday, March 19, 2011

{Adyson's Art Birthday Party}

Next Friday marks Adyson's 7th Birthday.
Let's not think about how old that seems to me.
Instead, I will show you some pics of her lovely Art themed
Birthday party that was held today.
She is a true artist at heart, so this theme fit her to a T.

Here are the invites. Easy, cheap, and cute.We were able to hold the party at the school my
mom works at in the Art room.
It was the perfect venue.
The kids had plenty of room to create
their masterpieces.

The tables each were covered in butcher paper
rather then tablecloths so they could decorate them
to their hearts desire, and I was able to write their
names on each spot before the party began,
(which made it so we didn't get any of their artwork mixed up).

Each table had an activity.
First we made round crayons.
I had all the crayons broken into small pieces and into
a bowl with their coordinating colors.
Then they put whatever color combo they wanted in
my mini muffin tin.
(I had tape above with their name on it for each girl,
so they wouldn't get them mixed up.)
Then we baked them in the oven,
and let them cool.
They turned out really cute!
One table each girl made a self portrait on 8x10 papers
with gold, silver, and hot pink frames printed on them.

We then sculpted birds out of cornstarch dough.
Thank goodness T was there to help with this fun project!
The girls had so much fun doing this, and their birds
ended up looking pretty cute.
Adyson's Creation. Darling.And Sienna's.
She went feather crazy!!

Then we posed for pictures, of course!
The group.

Sienna and Rheagen.
Then we went to the food table,
where the ladies dined on paint cupcakes.
Pretzels dipped to look like paintbrushes....
(Use your imagination people!) :)And instead of ice cream they ate these
adorable Popsicles that look like crayons.
While they ate, they colored the table and I found this little
gem written on someones spot.
It doesn't take much to please these girls! ;)Then it was present time.
Guess who's

She was spoiled rotten by her cute friends,
and then her last gift was from Sienna.
Yes, we are proud owners of two fish.
They have appropriately named the gold fish
and the white fish...

We played a little pictionary to pass a few minutes and then
sent them on their way with these goody bags filled with art supplies.
It was a fun day... but I'm so glad it's over!
We have a fun week planned full of things to celebrate
our almost 7 year old.
Sure wish I could freeze time and stop them from growing!

I was inspired by this website for the party,
though my version isn't nearly as cute or well done.


The Hoths said...

How fun! You are so creative! Looks like a blast! And I totally agree...7 is VERY old!!!

Trisha said...

I love it! You are such a cool mom :)

Jenny said...

That is the coolest idea for a party! I love it. My daughter loves art so I might just have to copy everything you did. WOW!

Our Family said...

Looks perfect! I think you can't beat the last year's(every year), and you do it! What a good mom you are :) I echo the freezing--we aren't old enough to have 7-year olds!

The Wolfley Family said...

Such a cute idea! I can't wait to give her a birthday hug!

Hiatts said...

Love the Art theme! You are such a great mom!

Dustin and Shelli Chambers said...

That is an awesome theme...and you made it perfectly adorable. One of Kennedy's career aspirations is "Easter Egg artist." She would totally dig this. Oh, and yes, 7 seems WAY older than 6...don't even get me started on 8...

Jami said...

Very very cute! What a great idea!

Celestial Starr said...

I love that Hayley!!! My mom would have been in Heaven there!!! You seriously are so creative and amazing in 5 billion ways!!!