Monday, December 10, 2007

Some early Christmas Gifts and send Happy thoughts our way!

A few days ago my mom and I ran to tai-pan to do some Christmas shopping and just to spend the day together. It is no secret that the women in my family have a beautiful bond. We laugh together always, and tell eachother everything-and we are friends. I credit this to my mother who has always taught us how important we should be to eachother. I feel more than blessed to have a mother who I love and who inspires me to be a kinder, better person. Thankyou for the fun day mom and for being such a beautiful person. (We missed you Amy and Heather!)

While we were there my mom said she still had one gift to get me...and let me pick out this little beauty! I'm loving my new table centerpiece!

Then on Saturday my in-laws came over and brought yet another early Christmas gift for us. My sweet MIL made this beautiful quilt for me and I cannot express how much I love it. It was a great surprize and I was truly touched. It must have been a lot of hard work! So Lorraine, always put so much thought into our family and this is something I will cherish forever. You really are much to good to us, and we love you!
One more thing...Tuesday Travis goes in for his yearly CAT scan. We are sort of on the edge of our seets and just praying that things still look good. So we could sure use good thoughts and prayers! If things look good-we are 1/2 way there! I hope you all are having a great Holiday Season!


Maegan said...

Oh, Tai Pan is dangerous! It's right up the street from me, don't know if that is a good thing or not. And that quilt is so neat! It almost makes me want to try and make one. And good luck to Travis, I'll be praying for him!

Hanne and Fam said...

Let us know how the CAT scan went, we are praying! I love the new centerpiece. My MIL and I keep saying we are going to take a trip to Tai Pan soon. Now I really have the itch to go!

Michelle said...

I love your quilt!!!
Moms are so awsome. I love Tai Pan. We need to go.

Morrell's said...

I love the Center piece, we better be playing bunco in you new basement tonight! Our prayers are with Travis and you! That blanket is beautful!