Monday, December 17, 2007

The LONGEST week Ever

Well, it's official. Last week was the LONGEST week of my entire life. I am exhausted. Travis is exhausted, and anyone close to us is exhausted. Since his First Treatment, Trav has done really well. The only side effect so far is on Saturday he had a pretty bad headache all day. We are pleased that he has done so well and hope that it doesn't get any worse as treatments continue.

We are facing this thing the best we can, and are trying to make our attitudes as good as possible. For the sake of my kids I have tried my hardest not to break down in front of them. And to be honest, it has made life a little easier. I'm afraid that some people think I am heartless because I am not crying all the time. I have heard "you are so strong" many times this week, and I just have to laugh. We have our moments thats for sure!

We still are feeling the prayers and love of many people around us. At church yesterday I learned that half the ward reads my blog-who knew? So to those of you in my ward who read this, don't judge me if a swear word seeps out through the blog, and Thankyou for your concern. We love our neighborhood and our ward!

This week a few of my greatest friends and I went to lunch. It was a lovely and much needed escape. Thankyou Lorinda and Ashley. I love you girls.

We had some random dude take this in the Coppermill parking lot and I'll admit, it's not our best picture, but they are babes either way!


Cody & Ashley Godfrey said...

We need to make a habit of this. What do you say, once a month girls night out? I was so happy to have lunch with you and Lorinda. It made my whole week.

Julie said...

Cute hair Hayley!!! You should get a counter on your page then you'll know how many people stop by to read, it's fun! I have one and so does Sarah.

Morrell's said...

I really love your new cut! Good friends to go out with always make life easier! You all look so cute. You such a good job on both Lorinda's and Ashley's hair. I love when you do my hair too, it always turns out great!!!