Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Sick of me yet?

I'm going to apologize in advance for the many posts you all are going to have to read in the next few days. This blog has become such a great way to keep in touch with so many friends and has been a great journal and release for me. So instead of sitting her feeling sad, I am going to write about a few things that have really touched my heart today. I am sorry for the cheese factor, but I'm feeling very sappy.

I decided to give myself one day to sulk, so today I took the day off. I didn't do my hair-it's still damp from my morning shower. I didn't do my make-up. I didn't really take care of my kids. (Don't worry, my mom was here to help!) I ate like crap, and took a very long nap. I feel exhausted. But the day is now over and tomorrow I am going back to normal..or as normal as we can be. So I am done and I'm sorry for the whining! I just wanted to share a few things that made me smile today and say a few thankyous.

Around noon today my friends starting coming. One after another, phone call after phone call. Some of them got the tears, and some of them I was all teared out, but I appreciated each of them all the same. Thankyou for pretending not to notice that I had huge, puffy, make-upless eyes. Thankyou for taking Adyson to play. Thankyou for cleaning the playroom. Thankyou for your prayers.

I got these beautiful flowers from Ashley today. Seriously, how did I get such great friends? Thankyou Ashley for taking such good care of me always. I love you.

Tonight when Adyson came home from her friends house, we asked if she had a good time. She rambled on in one of her very lengthy "Adyson Stories" about how her friend had to "pee" at Lexi's and thought she saw a spider so she was "freaking out." So funny to hear my 3.5 year old say "freaking out." Those girls of ours sure give us the warm fuzzies! So to our angels, Thankyou for making our house feel happy and warm. We love you.

Thankyou to our families. Parents, Brothers, and Sisters. You are all trying so hard to take care of us, and we appreciate you. I know you all feel the same way we do-so take care of yourselves too. I feel so lucky that we can all lean on one another. We love you.

Thankyou to the ICON boys. I love sending him off to work and knowing that you all will help his life feel normal. Just don't tease the "sick guy!" Homemade Oreos to come.

And lastly a little Thankyou to Travis. The other day I was checking my e-mail with Travis over my shoulder. I have a hotmail acct. and I guess I missed the t. So I typed in homail. Travis thought this was too funny. Homail. So today when I checked my e-mail I was just laughing, that is something you always make me do. Laugh. I love you. HOmail, it's funny, I know you are laughing!

Sienna begged me for her hat today, and I thought she looked so sweet, I couldn't resist posting it. Thankyou all for your prayers!


Cody & Ashley Godfrey said...

I'll never be sick of you! Maybe tomorrow afternoon we can play, and our kids can play. Call me and we'll see what's going on.
Travis good luck tomorrow/today however you look at it. I will be praying that this treatment works!
Good luck to both of you! Love you!!

amanda said...

Hi Hayley! I just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know that I've been thinking about you and your sweet little family. Prayers and Hugs your way!

Hanne and Fam said...

We love you guys and are praying that the treatment will work. Ady is more then welcome at our home ANYTIME. It was funny yesterday that Nicole "freaked out" over the DEAD spider she found. The girls had a great time and Ady is adorable.

Julie said...

HI Hayley, I know we've never even met, but I check out your blog occasionally, and you did help me learn how to personalize. Anyway you guys are in my prayers! I don't know what else to say.

How do you know Haylee Bean? She is my good friends cousin and I saw her blog on your list. I hope today is better than yesturday!

Katie said...

Dearest Hayley- my thoughts and prayers are with you and your sweet family. You are amazing!

mortonfam said...

You are an absolutely beautiful family. As the rest, Scott and I will be praying for all 4 of you.

Amy Johnson said...

I'm so glad you have such amazing friends! I wish I had as many close friends as you have....but at least I have you! The HOmail thing...very funny! Let me know if you need anything! I can take your kids whenever you need me to. They actually make my life a little easier! :) Love your guts!

The Wolfley Family said...

Oh Hay -- I'm glad you had a down day. I, too, am so grateful for your many great friends. It means the world to me to know that you are so well-taken care of. I miss you! Hugs!

Jessica Davis said...

Hayley, I know we don't know each other well yet, but I wanted to thank you for the wonderful meal you planned, and all the thought you put into the bunco night. I'm sorry you couldn't be there. You have such a beautiful family. Cute little girls! I hope you know that you will be in my prayers too.

Jamie said...

It's so nice to hear what you are doing to get through this rough time, anything you put on your blog, I think everyone is happy to read about! ;) I love that your little babe Ady says
"freaking out," I'd love to hear her cute little voice!