Tuesday, December 18, 2007

No News

Heaven was this morning. Travis missed work today because of all the tests at the hospital. So this morning I woke up to Adyson, Sienna, and Travis all in our bed. Sienna and Adyson were hugging eachother and laughing, and it was just pure heaven! I NEED more mornings like that!

We met with the Surgeon first to discuss getting his portocath put in. It sounds like a pretty easy procedure and we aren't terribly nervous about it. He will go in for that on Thursday and right after that we will go and start his second treatment. What a crazy week!

Next he went to get his MRI, and later his bone scan. We unfortunatly don't have any results yet, and are on pins and needles to hear them. I am just praying for good news for a change....we deserve good news....don't we?

Tonight I am feeling bummed that I never got around to doing our Christmas cards. I have recieved so many cute ones this year! So next year my friends, expect a double cute one from the Kidman clan! Also, tonight when we got home there was a bundle of gifts at our front door. What a fun thing to come home to. It brightened my very long day! One was a basket of things with cute messages attatched like a PEOPLE magaine with tag that says "for when you don't want to think about anything at all." My favorite ice-cream "for when you just need to pig out" and Little Ceasars gift cards "for when you don't want to cook. How thoughtful-and once again, How awesome are my friends. One had a beautiful message attatched that just made me tear up, but for happy reasons, not sad ones! Thankyou for thinking of us!

Anyways-I really just wanted to post to let you know we are still waiting on results. Thanks for checking in and praying for us! Enjoy the last week of Christmas!


The Wolfley Family said...

It makes me tear-up just to hear how great people are to you! What a blessing! thanks for sharing your morning with me, too. If only we could get a couple more like that, huh?

The Wolfley Family said...

I'm so sorry that you had a meltdown-but it's not like you can avoid that. For me, it's that you're able to face this at all. It amazes me.
By the way, thanks for telling ME that they found an Edward!

Melissa said...

When I went to get my hairdone yesterday, Ashley said that she saw your blog and she wanted me to tell you hi from her.

Jan said...

Wishing you guys the best on Thursday! Yes, you guys totally deserve good news!!!

Cody & Ashley Godfrey said...

You definitely deserve good news, we'll be hoping for that!!
Thanks for the haircut and the circus. We're quite the crowd now days.