Friday, April 29, 2011

{Sienna's Best Week Ever}

This post is all about-
My little Roo.
My curly headed lady.
My little spit fire.
My little lady with the most contagious of laughs.

She's seriously has had the

It began with her special day in Pre-school.
Each child in her class has a day where they are
celebrated for being who they are, and being so special.
I love it. (Her teacher is something else!)She was very excited (and a little nervous for her day).
After being introduced to the darling kids in her class,
she gets her 'I am special' crown.
And then the class sings a song to her
about how wonderful she is.

Then Teacher T reads some fun facts about her.
And Sienna grins from ear to ear.
That smile didn't leave the entire time we were there.
She shows off her poster (full of pictures of her and her favorite things),
and then passes out rainbow donuts to her friends.
We agree, this little lady of ours is nothing sort of

The next morning she woke up a 5 year old!
Yes, my baby is 5.
I can't even deal with it.

Here she is her first morning as a 5 year old,
and ready to pose.

I cannot even stand how cute she is.

That day we went and picked out a cake (oreo ice-cream).
I let her pick whatever she wanted for lunch,
seriously, told her I'd take her anywhere....
She chose Wal-Mart chicken nuggets??
She's a strange little 5 year old.
After school we got geared up for a soccer game.
We had a chat about being aggressive before the game,
(she even has what we are calling an 'aggressive growl').
And it worked.
She wanted
to score her a goal,
and went after that ball every chance she got.
And about 2 minutes before the game ended she scored!
We were so excited for her, and it made her b-day
extra special.

(Post game smile. Blue lips courtesy of the cupcakes we brought for treats).

After the game we headed to my parents for
dinner, cake, and presents!

She had a fabulous b-day!
And then she topped off her fabulous week by celebrating in style
with her friends. This year she chose a
themed party. It wasn't as easy to plan as I
had hoped, but it turned out pretty fun in the end.

Here she is, ready to party!

The Invites.We colored rainbow pictures,
made fluffy clouds with rainbow streamers and
made rainbow (fruit loop necklaces).And read the only book our library had about rainbows.
The kids actually really enjoyed we lucked out.
Here's some fun details.
(Rainbow napkins found at Michaels, Chalk board plate from a friend).Rainbow mini M&M's (my favorite!), a pot of gold, rainbow licorice, rolos.
Rainbow cupcakes.The treats all set up on the plate...
do you think they went home ready for dinner??

And the cupcakes had a fun surprise when they took the wrapper off.
They were such fun to make, and the kids loved them.The crew.
Yes, there was a TON of them.
Sienna is such a social kid and makes friends everywhere she goes.
Aren't they all just adorable?
We sent each child home with a little thank you token
found here.It was such a fun week for my little Roo.
But I gotta admit, I'm a bit exhausted!
And feeling rather old having a 5 year old and a 7 year old
around the house.

Now, I'm off to bed. Please bless I wake up in the morning.


Our Family said...

What a mom you are! It makes me tired just reading all that you do for the girl's birthdays! I can't believe that Sienna is 5 already--that must mean that my little G is right behind her :)

Mortons Love said...

5 seemed like a big one to me too! Do NOT like it. Looks like a super awesome birthday!

Trisha said...

It's so weird when you remember these little ones as babies and then suddenly they are five! Great party as usual!

Tara said...

Love the birthday party, looks like a blast.