Thursday, April 7, 2011


(Picture taken by Roo,
just before she got in trouble for playing with the camera.)

I'm sitting here in my front room
with the windows open
watching it snow.
I'm listening to one little lady
take the lids on and off of her markers
as she is drawing a picture for her
Grandma, who is on a cruise.
And another little lady is playing
with her Barbies in her bedroom.
They are currently flying around in search
of something...I'm not quite sure what.

This week hasn't been a typical Spring Break
for us.
We've done nothing Springy at all.
I've sat by the window reading,
and dreaming of sunshine.
We've played with friends.
A lot.
We saw Gnomeo and Juliet,
which-btw-is LAME.
And we've watched
Tangled 15 times, I think.

But boy, has it been lovely.
We've lazed around each morning
in our pj's.
And we've danced around the kitchen
to their new favorite song
(Who says-Selena Gomez).
The ladies wake up each morning and
play for hours together.
And my house feels warm

And just today have realized
that even though I promised myself
when the New Year started that life
would be like this

It's not.

I still get carried away with
work, weight, PTA, church, cleaning, cooking,
and everything else on my too long list.

But I'm working on it.
And I write this as a reminder to myself
to put whats important first.
And to relax, just a little.
And I feel so very blessed to have such a lovely life
with kids I want to squeeze every second.
And a husband I love. Loads.
And a warm house full of laughter.
And even when it's full of little girls fighting,
I kinda love it.

Life is good!


Chanelle said...

Great picture, Roo! I enjoyed the glimpse into your "spring"'s alot like ours over here!

Matt said...

sounds like our spring break. not doing much just waiting for the sun.

Eileen said...

Oh how I wish that was me today. Couch. Blanket. Book. Chocolate. Wait. Did you have chocolate? Cuz you sure should have.

The Wolfley Family said...

I can't decide if I want to be on the couch with you reading a book, coloring with Enna, or playing barbies with Ady.

I'd take your springbreak in a heartbeat!

Clayton and Heidi said...

love it!

Trisha said...

I want to go read now after looking at that picture. :)

Can't help but loathe the snow.

The Drysdale's said...

I love the reiminder. It is a reminder to all of us who decided to challenge ourselves to not get caught up in those things either.

Letti said...

we spent ours in Sunny Texas but when I got home I had so much to do. I would love to just take a few days and do nothing it sounds so nice right about now. I love the picture your daughter took.

Our Family said...

Sounds similar to our spring break, only I didn't have a great book to read, and you had a much better attitude about the weather :) Kudos on keeping your resolutions!

Regan and Mandy Hoth said...

I needed to read this today. I'm getting way too caught up in the everyday craziness. Thank you for reminding me what's most important!!!