Thursday, April 21, 2011

{Cold Spring Activities}

My lack of blogging I blame on the weather.

It makes us be boring and watch
a lot of movies.
(Tangled and Lemonade Mouth).

Here is how we've managed to bide our time.

Trav broke out the girls
cutest golf clubs ever
a few days ago and took the ladies
out back to practice their swings.

It was windy! And Cold!
But they had such a good time
and cannot wait to get up to the course with T.

I've found the ladies doing this often when it's too
rainy to go outside and play.

I LOVE Adyson being able to read.
It's such fun.

And Soccer started.
Adyson chose not to play this year,
so Sienna has all of us cheering her on.
And she lucked out cause Trav is her coach.

So far, we've had to cancel every practice day
(due to rain),
and we've played 1 game, in the pouring rain.

Maybe someone should have told Coach
it was FREEZING outside and shorts were a bad choice....

What is cuter then 4 and 5 year olds playing soccer?
It's just so funny.
Sienna did fabulous and our team scored a few goals...
(They scored a few for the other team too. We are currently
working on teaching them to run in the right direction.)

Now, go pray for the sun!
Go. Now. Go!


Our Family said...

How cute do they look with those golf clubs?! I might have to get some for the boys, just to see how cute they would look. Loved seeing you the other night, although now I am going through some Hayley-withdrawal now :/ Let's not let it go so long in between seeing each other next time! Love you.

Eileen said...

That tiara on Sienna just makes me smile. Really big.

Brittney said...

You know, when you haven't updated there's just a void in my life. I'll pray for some sun for you. Or you could just come visit me. You know the 80 degree St. George weather is only 45 minutes away.....