Sunday, April 24, 2011

{Easter Weekend}

Easter Weekend has been

Saturday began by heading to Sienna's
soccer game.
Here is a shot of her first time at Goalie.
And her last.
She was TERRIFIED to be goalie.
Scared to death.
Lots of tears fell before we caved and took her out.
(But in Sienna's defense, she was awesome out on the field
after her meltdown and more aggressive then we've seen before.)
And seriously, how cute is she?!
Right after the game we headed to
Treemonton to celebrate
Sienna's upcoming Birthday,
Trav's upcoming Birthday.
She asked Grandma Lorraine for a Rainbow Cake.
Adorable!But before we got to the B-day Festivities we got to
the egg hunt.
They loved every second.

We then got to the cake!
Sienna was pretty excited about her first
Birthday party of the year, and is counting down
the next few days till her b-day is finally here.

Then it was present time!
For Dad too! :)Saturday night just before bed Adyson made
this card for the Easter Bunny.
I love this kid of mine.

And in case you can't read it, here is what it says.
(With added punctuation and correct spelling)

Thank you for coming here. You are very nice.
My name is Adyson and my sisters name is Sienna.
Our last name is Kidman. You are wise, kind, and sweet.
You are a big bunny and your the biggest. That's very cool.
And my moms name is Hayley and my dads name is
Travis. We love each other in our family. We have a great
family. Thanks for coming Easter Bunny. Happy Easter.
I'm seven.
I love you.
Love Adyson

Yes, she 's adorable.

This morning they woke up to their baskets and a
few surprises. Yes, those are Ken dolls.
They make their friends go home and get theirs
every time they play Barbies because we don't have any..
so The EB hooked them up.

They also got some new scooters and were
beyond thrilled with them...but they were
so busy riding them that I have yet to take a picture.

Here they are in their Easter Duds.
Beauties, I'm raising!

After dinner we headed to my moms to
celebrate with my family.
Another Egg hunt!

We spent the rest of the day eating my moms
delicious food, playing games with cousins, and
Trav and I snuck in a nap! It was a lovely Easter!
I hope you all had a great one too!


Nate and Tasha said...

It has been a while...but I always love reading your blog. You are so inspiring and your girls are so dang adorable! Looks like you had a fabulous Easter. LOVE the EB letter. That is a keeper!

Our Family said...

I don't think that Oakley even knows the word "wise". I love that Ady used that word to describe the Easter Bunny! So cute! Your girls look beautiful all dressed up--much too old, but beautiful none the less! Glad your Easter was a lovely one friend :)

Eileen said...

I still love your life!

Trisha said...

So much fun!

Jill said...

cutest letter ever! i love that she wrote i am seven. but how sweet that all she can talk about is how much you guys love each other!

Letti said...

Your girls are so cute. Happy Easter!

The Wolfley Family said...

There has never been a letter written that is more precious than that! man, do we miss you guys!