Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Saturday we are leaving the cold foggy swamp we reside, in search of sun. And Mickey and Minnie too. And the beach. And Shamu. (Is Shamu still alive? Did I spell his name correctly? Is Shamu a boy or girl?)

Our kiddos, have no idea. We are just waking them up and taking them for a week long surprise.

I'm too excited to sleep.

And too busy to take pictures or think of anything clever to blog about. Instead you get random thoughts inside my head. (Remember how I said I'm too excited to sleep? That means that this post may be slightly incoherent). With that warning, read on at your own risk.


On AI.
We still have to fast forward past every Kara comment. If you like her, I'm not sure we can still be friends.
Ellen though, is a welcome addition.
Do we really need 4 judges? I think it would be wise to go back to 3, but what do I know?
And some of these contestants really need the show stylists to get their hands on them. Yes?

On shopping.
Why is it that I find myself picking up "necessities" for our trip daily? The shorts for the ladies really were a must, as were the sunglasses and tall shoes. And I keep telling myself they needed the floppy beach hats and jelly shoes.

Someone should really stop me.

On raising 2 ladies.
OY vey.
That is all.

On the Bachelor.
Those of you who don't love it need to check your heads. It's just funny t.v.
Did anyone else lol (for real) when Chris Harrison started talking about how his son talks about magical creatures, and unicorns when he's lying (to Rozelyn). Good T.V. Just fabulous.

On Travis.
Trav gets 2 weeks without treatments while we are gone. I am so excited for him! I can't wait to have him feel like himself for a while, and hope he eats all the yummy vacation food he can while he is canker free.

I dig my husband. He's kind of amazing.

On Cancer:
I hate it.
The end.

On my life:
I'm feeling pretty blessed tonight. My kids decided they were best friends tonight and spent the evening playing nicely. Travis took me to dinner because I had a serious random craving. I had book club with some of my favorite friends. I sipped a Dt. Coke from sonic for half the day. I managed to get my run in, and read a good chunk of my book. The laundry is put away. And I get to spend the next week in heaven with my family!

How did I get so lucky?


Lorinda said...

You deserve all of it, friend :) I agree with you on whether the 4 judges are needed on AI. It seems like an awful lot of comments. Trav and I also LOL at Chris Harrison's comment on "The Bachelor". That is good t.v. I'm sad to admit that it is coming to an end.

Amy Johnson said...

Jealous= Me! I'm almost positive me and my fat belly can fit in your suitcase! No? I also am loving Ellen (not looooving Ellen!), and I'm usually a Kara fan....but she is indeed wearing on my nerves a little. I think all the contestants are sucking! But I agree with Kara about Casey James being such delicious eye candy! Bachelor....I'm positive he will dump both girls and go for the producer! He has Scientology written all over him (insert Tom Cruise here.).
Have a fabulous trip! Don't worry about us...we will be fine (sigh).

Angie A. said...

Yes, yes, yes, yes and YES!!! Totally agree with you on all points. Even my husband (who still denies liking The Bachelor, yet will stay up late in the night to watch it with me) had to laugh out loud at CH's "magical" creatures bit. Have so much fun on your trip, and love that you're surprising the girls!!

Eileen said...

Where do I start. I too agree with everything. Except. I don't watch Bachelor, so I don't get any of that chat. Are we still friends?

You better be bringin' me some sunshine when you get back!

Trisha said...

I can't wait to hear about your girls reactions! Have so much fun!

Jill said...

I am soooo jealous! I love Disneyland and want to go back. I only wish I could enjoy so CA sun.
I also think 3 judges is enough. I think Ellen is ok. my fav is still Randy.

Charee B Mcclellan said...

haa haa haa, you make me laugh...every time i read this here blog!! so true on all you say about the tv...i love the bachelor and yes i laughed hysterically at the unicorn analogy. i think chris handled himself just perfectly during the whole interview...even when she said he said...blah blah blah hitting on wife something or other. reality tv rules! have fun on your vaca....i am jealous!

Kandi said...

Extremely jealous that your leaving to Disneyland. I've been trying to convince my husband that Bella is old enough to go. Suggestions please!!! I do want to ask....where will you be staying in CA? I need help!!

Kenzie Gert Lawlor said...

AH i can not WAIT for disneyland. We are going to have so much fun!

Haueter Photography said...

No fair! I want to come. How fun to surprise the girls. They will be thrilled. I agree with you about idol. And, I really wasn't impressed about the singing so far. Um, and yes I watch the bachelor. He is so cheezy it drives me nuts but I still never miss it. Have fun and soak up some sun for me. Yay for Trav getting to have a break from treatments.

Natelli Johnston said...

I am so excited for you to go on your trip! how fun and I am totally with you on the Bachelor- good funny T.V. loved Chris H's unicorn comment! Rozlyn is the biggest brat ever! She did not do herself any favors with that interview.

Michelle said...

Have fun on your trip!!
Send us pictures while you are out and about. The kids would love it.

Sorry, Hay. I hate the Bachelor.

Candace said...

I am so happy for you, truly I am, even if I am also a little envious. I know you are going to have such a fabulous time! Take a pic of the girls when you tell them they are going to Disneyland. I just think that is so much fun. Have a great time!

Melissa said...

Oh I hope you are soaking up some serious sun rays right now....can I just say how jealous I am because I can't seem to get warm around here....I bet the girls were sooooo excited!!!

Jamie said...

YOU DESERVE IT!!! Have a blast! I will just live through your excitement so take LOADS of pictures!!!;)

Simply Be Photo/Melissa said...

yah for you guys! you totally deserve a fun trip! and maybe I shouldn't be commenting because I have to admit I dig Kara. :)

Simply Be Photo/Melissa said...

yah for you guys! you totally deserve a fun trip! and maybe I shouldn't be commenting because I have to admit I dig Kara. :)

Jami said...

I'd have to say I'm jealous I could definitely use a vacation right now! Hope you have fun!