Monday, March 8, 2010

Day 2 {Laguna Beach} you may also call it {Heaven}.

Blogging these pictures is not helping to cure my vacation blues.
Not at all.
Nor is the fact that I did 9 loads (really, 9) of laundry today.

But I imagine you aren't feeling sorry for me...are you?
Here's Day 2. A very. lovely. day.

We woke the ladies up and told them we were headed to the beach, and boy howdy, they were excited! They didn't even complain during the 4.5 hour car ride! (Miraculous).
Here they are in their sun hats. I love these kiddos of mine.
Um, I need to move here. Stat. (and for the life of me I can't fix my blue text.) ugh.
The waves were HUGE that day (we heard it was due to the earthquake in Chile...?) and Sienna was terrified of them. Our little lady who is usually not afraid of ANYTHING, was very much afraid of the waves. She stayed as far away from the water as possible, and did her best to keep us away too. Adyson, on the other hand, LOVED the beach. She could have happily stayed there all day long. This was like a dream come true for her.
Our fam. (We apparently can't hold still for a pic....:)

We have some friends who live 10 minutes away from Laguna in Dana Point, and were able to go and see their lovely home, and envy them for a while. Thanks to Joe and Linda for welcoming us! Then we were off to our hotel in Anaheim. Our plan was to tell the girls when we woke them up in the morning that we were headed to Disneyland, but we realized that the giant Mickey statue in our hotel might give it away, so we told them that night when we got there. Here's a little clip. (It sure was fun to surprise them!)

I have to say that the best part of the surprise happened after the camera was turned off. Adyson looked right at me with genuine tears in her eyes, and told me she thought she "might" cry. The whole night Sienna and her just kept saying thank you, and kept telling us how excited they were. It was pretty awesome! Just before they went to bed that night the fireworks from Disneyland started and we were able to watch them from our balcony. It was just such a great way to end such a lovely day.
And here are the ladies about 10 minutes after the fireworks ended. Snuggled up together. (I'd like to freeze time right about now).



The Wolfley Family said...

Um, I am so loving having your blog this week. It makes me feel like I was there (ok, except I've been cold alll WEEEk! Whatever!
The girls get lovlier every day!

Ballard Family said...

don't you wish you still could feel the excitment of children. Although it's almost more fun to see much much joy it brings them!!!

Jamie said...

OH it looks like heaven! LOVE all the pictures. Especially the sun hats. I'm so glad you had such a fun vacation! YOu SO deserve it!

Trisha said...

So fun that you could keep it a secret for them!

shelly said...

That video is priceless. What a dream come true!

Haylee Munk Brown said...

I LOVE their hats!!! You are making me homesick for San Diego and the ocean. I miss living there....I love that this trip was a surprise for the girls. So great!

Amy Johnson said...

You MUST frame the pic of them in their shades and hats! I love it!!! I'm still so jealous!