Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Adyson turns 6!!

Watch out world, this little lady turned 6 years old! Do you see the excitement on her face? Adyson's birthday was on Thursday, and being the awesome mom that I am, I hadn't planned anything for her till Thursday night. A friend of mine smartly decided we at least needed to take her to lunch, and it turned out to be quite the affair! And my kids thought the day was even more special because I got them (squeal) the whole kids meal. (This cheap mom usually orders off the dollar menu). Here's a few of her little buddies at lunch. I apologize to anyone who was there and not in our group at the time for the noise... The boys got a table of their own. (Happy to be away from those silly girls). Thursday night Adyson had dance, so she took a little snack for everyone there and came home to pizza, cake and ice-cream and presents! Again, do you see the excitement? It's contagious!

Opening her gifts. She really wanted a camera, and has filled up her memory about 8 times since she got it. Sigh.

Lexi stopped by just in time to eat some cake, making Adyson's b-day even better. She loves Lex!
The day after her b-day her cousin Rheagen performed her first solo at USU and we were able to watch. Isn't she about the cutest thing you've ever seen? She took Queen, and totally deserved it. We Love you Rheagen!
Saturday was Adyson's birthday party with her friends. She chose to have a flower party, and it ended up being a really easy theme to run with. (Any very fitting for Adyson).
I'm not gonna lie, I'm pretty proud of my cupcakes. (I felt pretty domestic!)

We made flower necklaces, decorated flower's with flower stickers, and painted flower pots and planted flowers inside. Here they are painting. She has some darling little Friends! Here's Adyson handing out flower suckers to the girls after playing pin the stem on the flower.
I had to laugh at how dizzy these girls get after 3 spins. Some of them missed the mark by a mile!
And present time! Wahoo! She got spoiled rotten. Thanks to all her friends (and their moms), I never have to shop for toys again.
The whole group. Adyson's pretty lucky to have a neighborhood full of great friends. Aren't they all just adorable?

One of her friends gave her a darling spa set, and Sunday morning they put it to good use. I loved these pics, and had to share. Them playing nicely like this can be quite rare!
Painting the nails.


And buffing the heels. This was quite entertaining to watch!Sunday brought the family party. (Are you partied out yet? I am.) She got more gifts, more food, and more cake. Have I mentioned before how much I love to celebrate b-days?

She loved her darling flower cake her Grandma Lorraine made. Complete with sugar bees. Pretty cute, huh.

Sienna was oddly not too jealous of all this Adyson attention. I mean, it just meant more cake for her each time we celebrated. (And she really loves cake!)I think our b-day girl had a really great week. She keeps reminding me it's not totally over because she still gets a gift from her Aunt heather and Uncle jody...spoiled rotten I tell you!

We sure love our little Adyson and think she's pretty special. She makes us laugh constantly and we are always amazed at what a smarty she is.

I plan to now freeze time so she stays 6 and stops growing!


The Wolfley Family said...

This makes me so happy! I already have a plan in the works for stopping time -- so no worries.

Kenzie Gert Lawlor said...

we're totally having a combined party next year... hold that thought, in 2 years.

Hanne and Fam said...

I love it! Lexi was so excited that you let her stay for cake by the way. She thinks Ady is completely awesome! Good luck with freezing time. If you figure it out let me know. Kids grow up way too fast!

Lorinda said...

You make me look like the world's worst mom! I can't believe she is six already! Happy birthday Ady!

Anonymous said...

Very Cute!

Trisha said...

I love Travis in the background smiling...

Happy Birthday Ady!

Chanelle said...

Ady is a well rounded girl- she knows what to do with a spa set AND a fishing pole set. She is a tom-boy, after all;)

And you are one of the best party-throwers I know. Thanks for letting us celebrate with you!

The Smith Family said...

So Cute! That Flower birthday party was adoreable! Grat job on the cupcakes

Mortons Love said...

Do Polly and Adyson have the same b-day, the 25th? How have we not known that before?

Lovely parties and let's DO play soon, before this baby pops out. Now how is that for a deadline?

Ballard Family said...

Such a cute B-day idea!!! Girly Girls are so FUN!!!

Candace said...

That party was adorable. Lillian had such a great time. I love that you love birthdays as much as I do. Now we are passing it on to our kids. It is just the best day.