Sunday, October 14, 2007

The Yucks

Well, this week has been interesting to say the least! On Wednesday a bunch of my cute friends and our kids met at McDonalds to let the kiddies play while we had some "adult chat." (That sounds dirty, I just mean some mommy talk!) Anyways-we had a lovely time, and my kids were in heaven. Just as we were walking out of the door, Adyson pukes. At McDonalds. Fun, eh? That was the beginning of the "bug" that has been all over our house this week. When the throwing up finally stopped, she started coughing, no-barking really. Every year she gets croup and it showed up right after the first bug! YUCK! So to the doctor we went and we got the medicine and we are HOPEFULLY on the upswing of it all. The only thing is that the lack of sleep is making her about the grumpiest kid on earth. She has bags under her eyes and cries about almost everything and Sienna has been BORED to death! Adyson has been too tired to play much, it's a good thing Simon has been here a bit to entertain her! I'm just praying that tonight she sleeps awesome and is her normal, happy self tomorrow, and I'm also praying that Sienna doesn't get it!
Isn't it so funny that even with the flu and croup she still has to dress up?
Simon pushing Sienna around the house. They really have so much fun together!

There were at least a few fun points to the week. Adyson and Sienna have been making Daddy give them "horsie rides" all week long. Sienna FINALLY has figured out how to hold on and they just laugh constantly!
Another silly highlight of the week is playing Monopoly with Cody and Amy. I know we are so nerdy, but it has become our new thing! Here are a few pics from tonight. Just for the record, Travis won and I came in second! Seriously, when you are a parent your pass times just get nerdier!


Kylene said...

I think every mother can sympathize with your McDonalds story. I hope she feels better and you can get some sleep (I think every mother can sypathize with the sleep deprivation too!). As far as nerdi-ness goes, Rod and I have felt like we joined that club years ago. Welcome to the party. :)

Nate & Sarah Schwartz Family said...

We did have a nice time at McD's. I'm sorry that Ady didn't make an immediate recovery. Allie has had a cough, too. I think that Kylie is starting in on it - no fun! Don't worry about being a nerd. I've been one my whole life & managed to get by ;)

The Wolfley Family said...

Is it totally nerdy that I, too, wish I'd have been there? Puking and Monopoly and all!

Rhonda said...

I hope she's doing better today. Nothings worse than a sick kid.
Does playing hide-n-seek all day make you nerd? if so then consider me a nerd!