Sunday, October 28, 2007


Five things I was doing 10 years ago.
1-I too was a Jr. in highschool, and a bratty one at that! :)
2-I was dating my FIRST missionary. That's right, I've had two!
3-I was working at R&G's with all of my friends. I loved that job!
4-I was also working at The Silver Shoppe, piercing ears.
5-The car I was driving was nicknamed the airplane. The muffler went out once and people heard me coming!!!

Five Snacks I enjoy.
1-Dove Chocolate covered almonds
3-chips and salsa
4-cold oranges

Five Songs I know all the Lyrics to.
I love music and learn lyrics pretty easily. So you name it, I know it.
I was super proud when I learned all the words to Blues Traveler-Hook and still can't help but sing any old Madonna songs.

Five Things I would do if I were a millionaire.
1-Pay off our Familis debt.
2-obviously, pay off our debt.
3-Go to Spain, Trav served his mission there.
5-Spoil my kids rotten.

Five bad habits.
1-Angry driver. I get Road Rage!
2-bite my nails.
3-My car is always messy. I love a clean house, but can't manage to clean my car!
4-staying up late for any reason. I am a night owl.
5-I'm not near as patient as I should be.

Five things I'd never wear again.
1-Pleated Pants
2-Shoulder Pads
3-Utah Claw Bangs
4-M.C. Hammer pants

Five favorite toys.
3-My shears, I cute hair you see.
4-My scanner. I love to make movies from pictures to music.
5-My Girls

Five things on my To Do List Today.
1-Nothing! I am at my sisters for the weekend, and we are doing nothing! Just watching our cuties play together! Jealous?

Five people I tag! Sarah, Heather, Hanne, Courtney, & Amy


Jan said...

I am cracking up about the UT claw bangs. I am totally guilty. Loved reading this.

Kylene said...

These TAGS are so fun. I think we were all guilty of the Utah bangs. Me for about 5 years too long!

My hair trick for Hallie: I make a circle part around her entire head and then the hair in the middle I stick in a ponytail while I french braid it all the way around where I parted it. I start underneath the pony so that you can't see the elastic when I'm finished. After the braid, I take out the ponytail and put some hairspray in it to dirty it up a bit. When I curl it, I never open the curling iron. I just wrap the hair (starting at the root) around the iron so I get a softer curl rather than a Shirly Temple ringlet. Walah! A cute little Hallie. :)

Tracy, Courtney & Peyton said...

That was fun reading your tag! I will do mine today! I agree with the bangs, everyone had those! And overalls!!!

Amy Johnson said...

What's wrong with overalls?? Just kidding! I'm far too fat to fit into my old high school overalls anyway! I'm so jealous that you are at Heathers right now! I miss those kids! And it's hard not seeing Brielle get big! Give them my love!