Saturday, April 14, 2007


It has been a week of fevers, puking, crying, and sleepy, sleepy, oh-so-sleepy parents! But I will start with some fun stuff-Simon turned one on Tuesday. I cannot believe that it was a year ago that Amy took off running through my house because her water was breaking. I am still convinced she broke a record for the fastest running pregnant woman ever! Simon was super cute and dug right into his cake, though he may still be on a sugar high! He sure is a smart and handsome little dude!

After Simons party Sienna had a good fever and was pretty grumpy. After taking her to the great Dr. Mckenna, he said that she has something with a hard big name, but it basically means that she has big red sores all over her throat, and could puke, and get huges blisters on her hands and feet. The worst part is that we can't do anything about it. It just has to run its course and it could take up to 7 days! UGH!!! The poor kid has just been miserable, she wouldn't even drink a bottle because it hurt so bad. She would swallow, and then just cry! It is getting better though and she has been more herself yesterday and today. Tonight when I put her down she had a slight fever though, so keep your fingers crossed!

The same day we took Sienna to the doctor, Adyson woke up at about 2 am throwing up. I think she had a good case of the flu because she continued to do that for about 3 hours ever 15 minutes. I am glad to say that she is now the same old Adyson and feels fine. Thank goodness-one sick kid is still one too many!

I'm sure you are so happy to hear all about the germs in the Kidman household, so I will give you a piece of happiness to end with. Sienna took her first steps last night! She took 2, then 6, and walked 6 or 7 steps for quite a while. It was so fun to watch her and to see the pride in her eyes! Today she has only taken a few, but I think she is almost there! Today the girls, mom, and I took my grandma shopping and to lunch. My grandma spoiled the girls rotten and they just love her. It is so fun for them to have such a wonderful great grandma in their lives.

Here is Sienna walking, isn't she the cutest?

Some Funny Ady stuff: Though Adyson has been talking forever, she is just starting to experiment with words, a few she has tried out this week are "dangerful?" and she has been saying that Sienna is "exciting" instead of excited. It is cute to watch her figure out the way words work!

Sienna: Today she said mmm-wa (like blowing kisses) and now if you tell the kid to dance, watch out cause she will boogie with the best of em'!

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