Sunday, April 8, 2007

Happy Easter!!!

Easter is one of my favorite Holiday's! I think it is such a beautiful time of year and such a great time to focus on your families. Despite the rainy weather and the sore throat and horse voice, we had a great one!
Saturday we went to the Kidman's house to celebrate with them. Trav's mom always does a scavenger hunt for the kids that leads them to the toys and eggs. Adyson had a blast and was pretty excited when we got home and she had $3.oo worth of quarters in her eggs! She has decided she wants to buy a barbie toy and many other toys-it's funny how far she thinks that money will stretch! She had a great time swinging with sweet Rheagen and playing with her cousins! Sienna had a blast too and she just chatted everyones ears off! Who knows what she is saying, but she never shuts up!!
I have been pretty sick the last couple of days and have managed to lose my voice so we didn't make it to sacrament meeting today. It was kinda hard to miss today because Easter Sunday is always such a beautiful meeting, and it is such a great day to celebrate Christ's life. We are all about letting our kids enjoy the "perks" of Easter, like the candy, toys, and dresses, but we also really want them to understand what it is all about. So this week we have been chatting with Adyson about the true reason for Easter. Well, I guess it went okay. She listened and I think she understood to the best of a 3 year olds abililty. But when you ask her why we celebrate Easter she usually will answer, becuase of the "insurrection." I guess Resurrection is a tough word!
We did make it to the rest of church today and it was nice to be there. I think the girls felt awfully pretty in their Easter dresses. Adyson kept asking all the leaders in nursery if they like her pretty dress. (I know, she's a little vain!)
After church we went to my moms for a little while. We grilled burgers and had an Easter egg hunt in the basement. Cody, Amy, and Simon came over. We REALLY missed Jody, Heather, and the kids today, but hopefully Heather will have the new baby soon and we will make a trip to see them.
Tonight we just hung around the house and enjoyed our kids. I have to say that I am so thankful for my family. I was in the kitchen cleaning up the Easter Hoopla tonight, and Travis and the girls were playing "monster." They were wrestling all over the floor and the girls were just laughing their heads off, and I was so grateful for them. My house is filled with a lot of laughter and love!

Below I will post some Easter pics of the family, Don't be annoyed if I go a bit crazy, there are some good ones!

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Trisha said...

Even though I am so happy to be having boys, seeing your girls makes me want one someday!