Sunday, April 22, 2007

Relief Society

My calling in the church is in the nursery. I enjoy being with the little kids, and I love being in there with Adyson. It really is so much fun to watch her sing the Primary songs and to play with the other kids. But... honestly, it is a TIRING calling, and every now and then I miss really learning and feeling something out of church.

The nursery leader must have been feeling the same way because today she came with a schedule for all of us to take turns going to Relief Society. Today was my turn and boy did I luck out! The lesson was on the Atonement and it was beautiful. I was so touched and moved by the words that were spoken and the spirit that was in the room. I honestly don't think I've ever felt such a beautiful spirit before. I also was so thankful for my ward. It was so nice to sit in a room full of women and feel like I know them all and can truly just be myself with most of them. I have been in Primary, Sunday school, and nursery since we got married, and my R.S. meeting have been few and far between, so I guess today I truly learned to appreciate it and value sisterhood. Hopefully that lesson will carry me through one more month till my next break! For now though-it's back to boogers, tears, and a whole lot of hand sanitizer!

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