Saturday, April 21, 2007

Blah, Blah, Blah...

Well, once again there isn't a whole lot going on this week. We took Sienna to the doctor again on Monday because she was still fevered. They decided she may have strep. So they gave her two different medicines, and she was starting to feel better, till she got the flu. Poor kid, she just couldn't hold any food in. It broke my heart to have a 1 year old that sick. I am happy to report that she if feeling all better today. We even got out of the house for a while this weekend!!! Yes, that is how boring this week has been-I was seriously excited for some Village Inn and Ross Dress for Less!

Last night at dinner Adyson kept pulling up her shirt so you could see her belly button. I kept asking her to pull it down, but she kept pulling it up. Finally I got a little mad and she said, "Jasmine shows off her belly button all the time." You know, Jasmine from Aladdin-What do you say to that? Cody and Amy thought it was hilarious! Whoodathunkit-Disney movies teachin' my kid some awesome skanky values! I do think that she wont do that anymore, but who knows!

My cute friend Trisha had twins this week. They are some of the cutest things I've ever seen, so congrats to her. Her blog is and she has some great pics posted there.

Anyways-this post is super boring, but hopefully next week will be better! Hope you are all doing great!

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