Tuesday, April 28, 2015

{An awful lot of Strep-Spring Break}

Strep, has become a constant companion in our home thanks to Roo's tonsils.
Bless her heart.
It just wont stay away!

I haven't broken the news to her yet that the tonsils will be coming out very quickly!
We didn't go far for Spring Break this year,
but we did take a few days away and went to Eden to get away.
It was such a lovely little break with my sweet kids!
We had a quick visit from Heather, Breje and Brielle so we could go shopping for Breje a prom dress.
It was such a lovely fun day and Breje couldn't have been more stunning in the dress she chose!

Easter came and we had a lovely day watching conference and hanging with the family.

My cute little Adyson got some new specs.
I can't even handle how grown up and lovely she is becomming.
I kinda like her.
Sienna had to make a small machine for school-
it's my absolute least favorite project!
Thank goodness Cody stepped in and took her to his house to help him build it.
He's such a wonderful Uncle and Brother.
I had to snap a picture of this lovely school project hanging on the walls at the girls school.
Sienna sure misses her Daddy!
(We all miss him!)
Courtney made it home from her mission!
We were so excited to go welcome her home.
And the girls were extra excited to play with Tag!

And here is Sienna's final project!
A chocolate wishing well....
it was quite a hit in the school.
She came home and told me
"Mom, a 5th grader stopped me in the hall and told me that mine was her favorite....a 5th grader mom!  a 5th grader!"
I love her enthusiasm!
Adyson and I at a dinner date, just the two of us.
A totally fabulous way to spend a weekend!
And a party with my girlfiriends aferwards, 
another lovely way to spend a weekend!g
Strep Round 2.
Strep Round 3.
Tonsil time I tell you!
Dinner with my little ladies before I left them on a major vacation.
Leaving them was awful!
I sure love them.
Being their mother is just the best job anyone could ask for!

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