Thursday, April 30, 2015

ENGLAND {Day 4: Bradford on Avon, Bath, Lacock}

We woke up to another English breakfast in an old manor home conservatory and knew it was to be a lovely day!

We wandered the village of Bradford on Avon first.
It was a Sunday so most of the places were closed,
but it was still so lovely to wander through.

After visiting this old church, we snuck through the fence behind it and found ourselves on this gorgeous trail.
Surrounded by trees and birds and no one else we made our way through the trail.
It was pretty amazing.
For a time these houses stood on one side of the trail.
I could live there...yes, I could.

We took a few selfies to document the morning...
some were much worse than this! haha.
We made our way through the trail down to a huge park with lots of darling English children and their parents playing.
We headed to the town center for some scones and ended up at the strangest tea house that ever was.
It was hilarious!
It was a very old tea house, clearly, but the owner chose to pretend we were stuck back in time.
They were wearing hose and even had a minstrel playing in the background.
Julie and I just laughed at the oddness of it all and gobbled up our very English food.
A very funny way to end our time there!

Next we headed to Bath!
We've read so many books set there and couldn't wait to see the Bath houses, the Pump room and the Royal Crescent.

We headed straight there.

(The pump room and bath houses are on the right with the cathedral in front).

We were worried that after seeing so many little villages, that Bath would feel huge...
and it is much bigger,
but it still feels very small.
It sits in the hills all alone and is a stunning city.

And learning about the Roman history of the Baths was just amazing.
I know I keep saying that...
but it was.

There is a lot of history here, 
and below the baths you get to see a lot of old stones and relics from then.
My favorite was the "curses".
They would write their grievances on these old thin metals and throw them in the baths and hope that the Gods would take care of them.
Some of the things they complained about cracked me up...
pretty obvious that not much has changed in the past few thousand years!

The Royal Crescent.
It's impressive.
We have read a lot of books about people who lived here too...
and we liked to pretend they were all real.
I tell you what, 
England takes you back in time.

We stopped in the cathedral on the way back out of town,
and wasn't it very American of us to get the giggles over this mans name.

I'm sorry that Manly Power is gone...
We stopped by a bakery for some treats and soaked it all in.
I'm sitting by the baths, pump room and shadowed by a huge cathedral...
I felt so lucky at that moment!

We headed to the little village of Lacock next,
which was stunning.
Like they all are!
(Lots of movies were filmed in these Cotswold towns...a peace of my favorite Harry Potter was filmed in Lacock).

We didn't have a hotel for that night,
so we booked one quickly online and headed there after Lacock.
Oh man.
It made for the most hilarious experience!
We found a killer deal on an old manor house and headed there.
When we walked in we were a little surprised at the decor of the inn..
A huge disco ball hung in the entry way and huge art pieces hung all over the wall.
Strange ones.
She led us to a different building and we went to our room to discover only one bed,
so she said she could put us in two rooms to fix that, but it would be in the main building and it would be more "quirky".
Yep, that's a good word for it!
Turns out the hotel was bought by a famous chef in England

He's crazy.
For real.
Each room had a theme to it.
Mine was celebrities and the pictures he had hanging on the wall were,
Julies was animals.
And it was just strange.
The whole place was strange!
And I'm not gonna lie,
I was a little scared to stay there!
The bar was open all night though, so that's comforting.....

It made for an adventure and I'm so glad we lived to tell the tale!
In reality we slept great and we couldn't help but chuckle about it most of the next day.

(Things to remember: Our old Tea House, Our awful fish and chips, Our Italian waiter, Bags and bags and bags!, TK Maxx again, our lovely friend who lives in Bath, buying the perfect gift in the Jane Austen store, handsome Rugby players:)

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