Thursday, April 30, 2015

ENGLAND: {Day 10: More London}

We headed straight to Buckingham Palace to see the changing of the guards.
They were roping it off and had quite a bit of extra security there...
we asked why and they were quite closed mouth about it and we put 2 and 2 together and realized that the Queen was coming out in the car!
We staked our claim right at the front and made a bunch of friends while we all waiting.
This Bobby was our buddy the entire time-we made him laugh once of twice.
"What's a girl Bobby called?  A Boobie?"
He liked that one.

After about 20 minutes out she came!
I wish I could get my video on here!
We were squealing like idiots but so was everyone else so it was ok.
We saw the Queen, Prince Phillip, and Prince William was behind in another car.
So cool!
We watched the changing of the guards and made our way down the road.

We found Mexican food!
(I promise we sampled a lot of English food, but by day 10 we were so excited for something different!)
And bought theater tickets and took the tube to Notting Hill.
We shopped Portobello Road for a while before finding our way to the British Museum.
Julie couldn't wait to see the Egyptian section and it was fascinating!
We also got to see the Rosetta Stone.
We wandered the streets a While before one last pub dinner and then we were off to see Wicked.
$30 tickets for the West End. Unreal!
I was thrilled!
This trip was a dream.
We met so many interesting, kind people
We seriously couldn't believe how kind the British people were!
We laughed so hard we cried numerous times.
We learned a lot about real Enlish people, and Londoners.
We saw history we've dreamed of seeing and I loved every second.
I missed my girls so incredibly much!
But I also am proud that I did this.
I want them to see the world and love new things like I do and have to guts to do something new.
I hope that they can come with me next time!
It was such a dream.
(Is anyone Asthmatic??)

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