Thursday, April 30, 2015

ENGLAND {Day 5: Cotswolds}

We said Goodbye to our crazy inn (below),
and headed to tour the Cotswolds!
We were very excited about this and it didn't disappoint!
Our first village was one called Castle Combe,
and it's one that should not be missed.
Castle Combe is the most beautiful spot I've ever seen.
We couldn't help but feel the need to be reverent there because it's so incredibly small,
incredibly peaceful,
and incredibly old.
Time has stood still there.
We walked the trail to the city and listened to the birds chirp and knew it would be a special place.
It's stunning.
In every single way.

We reluctantly left Castle Combe only to discover about 15 more villages that were nearly as special.

Below: Bibury.

Bourton on Water

I wont ever forget this moment.
We drove up through this tiny little lane into a road surrounded by fields of yellow flowers.
There was a rooster in the center of the road,
a HUGE manor house back a ways,
and we were screaming because its exactly what we wanted the English country side to be!

We headed towards the "Slaughters" next, 
and they don't have a lot there, but it was probably my second most favorite place we saw.
Just breathtaking and worth the drive again and again.
We also visited Snowshill, Stanton (3rd favorite) and tons of tiny little villages that I could dream of living in!

We ended the night in a lovely manor in the town of Stow on the Wold and some delicious Indian Food, and Julie's first viewing of "Girls Just wanna Have Fun."
Such a fun night!

It was a great, great day!

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