Thursday, March 26, 2015

{Adyson Turns 11, Friends, And some ramblings}

I have two very social little butterflies around here...
my house, it seems, is always full of a few extra giggling girls
(I have NO idea where they got it from)....

I wouldn't have it any other way.
I adore them all.
Adyson, this past year, has become my little fashionista.
She picks her clothes and I think-
"Those totally don't go together!"
And then she gets dressed and I'm like..."Oh, yep, that's cute."
Such fun watching her grow up.
This is a normal weekend for me.
Hanging with my Amy, who is like my soul sister.
And kinda like my hair/clothes twin.
I adore her.
Cody and Amy had a trip planned for Disneyland scheduled to leave on Adyson's birthday.
When she heard that she was insistent that we celebrate early with them so they could join us.
And when she realized she could do breakfast at Herms and everyone could make it she was thrilled!
It's her absolute favorite.
And then they brought her a cinnamon roll and crepes and she was over the moon!
Can we talk about how she looks 15?
Doing the math...if she looks 15 at 11..that makes me look....well....let's not go there.

Here's the crew (minus the Wolfleys who need to move to Cache Valley stat).
That day was filled with Grandma taking her shopping, one on one and spoiling her rotten
and Cinderella.

Again.  I only have 2 little ladies.
Sometimes it seems like I have 17.
So I remember:
The other day we were 10 minutes early for church.
This absolutely never happens.
The girls were so excited to get a 'soft seat'.
About a half hour in, Roo looks at me with wonder in her eyes, and says,
"Mom, I cannot believe these seats! Our view is AMAZING!"
I'm still laughing over it.
Helping in her class.
I am so grateful to be able to spend time with them at school...
I am realizing very quickly that this time with them being little is coming to and end so fast.
I love it, and I hate it all so much.
It's hard.  And great. And awful.
The night before Adysons Birthday she was able to go to dinner with her Kidman Grandparents
and they spoiled her rotten with a ukulele.
She is super excited to learn to play!
Isn't she looking so grown up?
And Finally-
Adyson's actual Birthday came!
She's been counting down for weeks.
As usual, she awoke to a new birthday outfit,
Subway for lunch at school, about a million calls and texts....
And when she got home from school her best neighbor friends surprised her by decorating her room!
She was so shocked and excited.  I am so glad she has such great, loving friends!
Later, shopping with friends,
ice cream with Roo and I, and her showing off her new ipod
She had a great day!

I adore the kid Adyson is growing up to be.
She is kind and thoughtful and incredibly loyal and loving.
She is full of music and creativity and about the most social little butterfly there ever was.
There are times when I want to drop kick her...because she's 11!
But mostly, I just adore watching her flourish.
She is one in a million.

Roo got another leadership award today at school for putting first things first.
Her teacher said she is always on task and always asking if she can help,
I'm sure proud of her. 
This was her response when i asked if I could take her pic...
she was too busy to look up!
Love her.  Love being her Mom!

We lost one of Adyson's best friends Moms, and one of my dear friends to Melanoma 
this month.  It's been so hard to experience some of these feelings that we've really held at bay since Travis passed away. 

Sometimes life is just hard and I wish I had the right words to help these sweet girls (all 3 of them) get through it.  I know we have only survived by a mountain of people praying, helping, and understanding what we need-and not judging when we fall apart.
I plan on praying my heart out for her lovely family.

I've watched my girls be incredibly grown up and sympathetic through it, and I'm so sad that 
they really understand what her friend may need, because they've been through it.

I hate cancer.

Treasuring this photo Andi posted on her instagram of the flowers she made for Trav's funeral.
Beautiful.  What a talent.  I imagine the flowers in Heaven are brighter than ever.
After the past few weeks, I really just felt the need to express my gratitude for the people that have helped us survive the past few years, and for the people that were behind the scenes making things so lovely and as easy as possible for me when it all happened.  I doubt I'll ever really even know who had their hands in there helping, but I'm forever grateful for it.

We have a few fun things coming up next month-
Spring Break.
New glasses for Adyson.
A birthday for Roo.
Soccer for Roo.
A play for Adyson.
Dance recital for Roo.
And a big trip for Mom!

I hope all is well!

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