Thursday, September 26, 2013

{Reasons to smile}.

Sienna.  Woke up extra early because she was so excited to wear her new blazer.
I smile about this for several reasons....1-it's clear she's my kid.  Fall wear is the best! 2-she said she felt like she was going to 'the office' for the day.  And 3-this means it's cooling down.  Blessed September.
I love this shot of my Adyson.  This little lady is flourishing in 4th grade.  I am so proud to be her mother. 
Me and my love.  
On a real life date.
T and I in our Sunday Best.  I love him.
Sienna got a ride to the car after school the other day.
The ladies were given some lovely headbands and necklaces
from my beautiful high school friend who runs Anniston Accessories.
Aren't they lovely?
And today marks the first time Roo faked sick.
She lasted till about 10:30 when she was bored stiff.
Some days you just want to crawl back into bed!  I totally understand!

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