Saturday, September 14, 2013


I'm sure you've read our cancer blog by now. It's getting harder and harder to desperate the two blogs, and I wish these worlds wouldn't collide... But I guess that's life for you. I'm trying really hard to document our lives. Trying to remember the really beautiful and really normal moments that are happening during this very strange time of our lives.

Thank goodness for these kids. They always put things in perspective.

Like when we found roo asleep like this the other night. Such a diva.
And how she scored her first goal the other day. For the other team.  Oh bless her.
And we loved how Bennett mauled Adyson.... And drooled on her the other day. She was actually on heaven.
The ladies ran the annual tri school trot a few days ago. They had a blast. Their smiles are heartwarming.
Today we watched some more soccer, went to lunch as a family, and t went to a bit of the Aggie game while the ladies and I shopped and went to dinner. It was a very normal day. And we like normal.

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Trisha said...

You are so beautiful. Love the normal too :)