Thursday, September 19, 2013

Fall Happenings.

Took this quick snapshot of Adyson the other day. It makes my heart happy. This kid.... She's such a gem. She had been a tough- wonderful cookie the past few weeks and I do think she is beautiful, inside and out. 
This one. Honestly woke up early to get ready for school because she couldn't wait to wear this jacket. She said she felt like she was headed to the office.
This is the goal.
This was the book sienna brought home from the library. A hint I have some work to do?
I know... More sienna.  But I had to include this. After her soccer game I asked her to give me her best " aggressive soccer pose". I got this.  She's cute. Maybe not aggressive... But so darn cute!

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Trisha said...

Your girls are so fun!